Departmental Resources

  1. Abuse & Neglect / Domestic Violence

    View resources available to the victims of abuse.

  2. Bad Checks

    Research how a person that writes bad checks is prosecuted.

  3. Driving While Under the Influence

    Look up information about driving under the influence.

  4. Drug & Property Crimes

    Check out information available about drug and property crimes.

  5. Juvenile Court

    Learn about the juvenile court in Brookings County.

  6. Mental Commitment

    Learn about mental commitment in Brookings County.

  7. Protection Orders

    View information about protection orders.

  8. Rights of Crime Victims

    Find information about the rights of crime victims.

  9. Sexual Offenses

    Learn about the sexual offenses prosecuted by the State's Attorney's Office.

  10. Staff Directory

    Look through the staff directory.

  11. Your Role as a Witness

    Learn about your role as a witness.