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May 16

Significant Storm Damage

Posted on May 16, 2022 at 8:39 AM by Michelle Delaney

Occurred: 5/12/22 approx. 5:15PM (depending on location) Location: All of Brookings County

On the above date and time, the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office along with all area emergency services and highway/municipal utility departments began responding to citizens in need. Sheriff Stanwick recognized the emergency and called every Deputy out to help with the widespread need for response throughout the county. The storm caused significant damage to buildings, trees, power lines and vehicles. The Brookings County Sheriff’s Office took many reports of destroyed or damaged buildings, downed power lines and vehicle collisions. There were also several reports of livestock being injured, displaced or killed. Many vehicles were destroyed including campers, semis and other large vehicles which had either rolled or been tipped onto their sides due to the wind. Area emergency services stopped to check on the wellbeing of many residents whose property was damaged or destroyed. Several areas are still without power including the following: Brookings, Sinai, Aurora and Bushnell along with many other rural residents in areas throughout the county. As of 5/13/2022 there are still power lines and trees across roadways. If traveling please be cautions, do not approach downed power lines and remain cognizant trees may be obstructing travel. There also remains many damaged or destroyed traffic signs, please approach intersections with caution and stop before proceeding.

Scott Sebring
Assistant Sheriff
Brookings County Sheriff’s Office
315 7th Ave
Brookings, SD 57006