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Ordinances & Forms
    Complete Zoning Ordinance
    Complete Subdivision Ordinance (rev.2007)
    Article 1 - Short Title and Application
    Article 2 - Definitions
    Article 3 - Establishment of Districts
    Article 4 - Non-conforming uses and Lots of Record
    Article 5 - County Zoning Commission, Appeals, Variance and Conditional Uses
    Article 6 - Duties of County Zoning Officer, Board of County Commissioners, and                             Courts on Matters of Appeals.
    Article 7 - Enforcement
    Article 8 - Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses
    Article 9 - Legal Status Provision
    Article 10 - Amendments
    Article 11 - Agricultural District
    Article 12 - Commercial/Industrial District 
    Article 13 - Lake-Park District 
    Article 14 - Natural Resource Districts
                    *Amendment to Article 14
    Article 15 - Flood Damage Prevention
    Article 16 - Aquifer Protection
    Article 17 - General Requirements
    Article 18 - Minimum Mobile/Manufactured Home Requirements 
    Article 19Shelterbelt Setback Requirements
    Article 20 - Home Occupation
    Article 21 - Extended Home Occupation
    Article 22 - CAFO Ordinance
    Article 23 - Wind Energy System (WES) Requirements
    Article 24 - Transmission Pipeline Risk Reduction Overlay District
    2009-02 - Declaration and Abatement of Public Nuisances Ordinance
    2014-02 - Adoption of the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Residential Code
    *2008-3 - Revision to 2008-1 Ordinance
    City of Brookings Joint Jurisdictional Area Ordinance
    Appendix 1 - Rain Fall Map
    Addendum 1 - Right to Farm Covenant
    Plat Application Form (preliminary plat checklist and final plat checklist)
    Building Permit Application
    Concrete Foundation Form
    Conditional Use Application
    Area Variance Application
    Floodplain Development Permit
    Lake Park Guideline w-Wiring Permit
    Agricultural Guideline w-Wiring Permit
    Brookings County Comprehensive Plan (2016)
    Brookings County Comprehensive Plan (2000)
    Official Zoning Map (2013)
    Land Use East
    Land Use West
    Living Safely with Natural Gas Pipelines
    Road and Sections Map of Brookings County
    FEMA Mobile-Manufactured Home Tie Down Systems
    Permit Applications Information Booklet (fee, inspections, application process, etc.)
    Right-to-Farm Covenant (must be printed on legal 14 x 8.5 inch paper)
    Zoning Nuisance Complaint Form