In 2008 the Brookings County Treasure's Office and Auditor's Office were combined to create the Finance Office. The Finance Office seeks to provide taxpayers with the best possible services to meet the continued and growing needs of Brookings County.

Department Divisions

Finance Department Responsibilities

  • Accountable for revenue collected by all other county offices and appropriating the funds to the correct revenue account
  • Assists senior and disabled citizens to file applications for property tax relief and sales tax reductions
  • Bookkeeper of all county finances
  • Collects motor vehicle fees and wheel taxes
  • Collects property taxes for the county, city and school districts (Property taxes account for the majority of the revenue in the county budget)
  • Pays all the bills of the county
    • In conjunction with the State Departments of Revenue and Labor, issues distress warrants to the Sheriff in the event of non-payment on state sales taxes or unemployment insurance
    • Issues handicapped parking permits with doctor authorization
    • Issues motor vehicle licenses
    • Keeps records of Commission proceedings and preserves any documents, books, accounting records, maps, and other materials deposited in the Finance Office.
    • Keeps inventory of county property
    • Maintains all Capital Assets records
    • Payroll
    • Processes all county liquor licenses
    • Publishes an annual report of the receipts and disbursements as well as the assets and liabilities of the county
    • Acts as clerk of the County Commission
    • The Finance Office’s fiscal duties include conducting a monthly verification of all bank balances and cash items and making a report of the same to the County Commission