State’s Attorney

Chief Prosecuting Attorney

The office of the Brookings County State’s Attorney became full-time in 2005, and moved to its current location in 2012. The State's Attorney's Office is committed to preserving the safety of the community and ensuring the ends of justice are met through ethical prosecution.

State's Attorney's Office

The Brookings County State’s Attorney’s Office is dedicated to upholding the quality of life and low crime rates for the citizens of Brookings County. As chief prosecutor for Brookings County, the State’s Attorney handles all felony and misdemeanor adult crimes, while the Deputy State’s Attorneys, handle all juvenile matters and mental health commitments.

Additional Duties

Although the primary focus of this office is prosecuting adult and juvenile criminal matters, the office has additional duties such as protecting children who may be living in abusive or neglectful homes. Further, the State’s Attorney’s Office provides advice and legal counsel to the County Board of Commissioners and all county departments. The States Attorney's Office is also handles Human Services for the County, and  takes applications and screens people seeking assistance from the County to pay medical bills, rent, utilities, etc., and makes recommendations for action to the County Commission.

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