Human Services

Services Available to Brookings County Residents

The Human Services Department’s job is to provide support necessary to ensure the survival of indigent clients who are county residents. Services which are available include assistance with rent, utility bills, burial, and hospital bills. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Human Services Responsibilities

  • Provide temporary economic and medical relief
  • Referral service to alternative funding resources

Other Resources

ProgramPhone Number
Helpline Center211
My Neighbor605-691-3225
Salvation Army605-692-8863
Social Services605-688-4330
St. Thomas Moore605-695-4361
United Way605-692-4972
Volunteers of Mercy507-215-0155
Women's Shelter605-692-7233

Brookings County Commission recognizes its legal responsibility to provide assistance to indigent residents of the County under SDCL 28-13. Further, as specified in State Law (SDCL Ch. 10-12; SDCL 7-8-20 (7), the County realizes the fiscal limitations of its tax base and any other resource(s) available for the provision of assistance to indigent persons. 

Information given by or concerning any applicant or recipient of assistance shall be considered confidential. Such information shall not be publicly divulged by County employees or Commissioners except:

1.            Upon written authorization of the applicant or recipient.

2.            Upon appropriate order from a competent court.

3.            When the safety of an individual is at risk, or a person or society is threatened.

4.            As otherwise provided by South Dakota law.

Brookings County Human Services staff is required to report child and elderly abuse and neglect.

Services which are available include assistance with shelter, utilities, burial, funeral, and medical. 

I.             County assistance shall be available only to residents of Brookings County and must be a resource of last resort, available only after all other personal resources, governmental programs, insurance benefits, family assistance, and housing resources such as low-income housing and shelters have been exhausted.

II.            County assistance is not a program of general assistance on a continuing basis. Each request for assistance is considered a one-time request within a 12 month period. Any additional assistance after this period will be considered only upon a new request and application.

III.           Assistance is not free. When assistance is granted, the County shall enter into an agreement for the repayment of assistance under the terms and conditions the County deems appropriate. Any agreement may be evidenced by a note or contract. (SDCL 28- 13-20). In accordance with SDCL 28-14, the County shall be entitled to enter into agreements for the satisfaction or compromise of such lien provisions stated, and it shall only release such liens under circumstances in which the County deems appropriate.

The Brookings Human Services Office shall not discriminate among applicants for or recipients of assistance on the basis of the individual's race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, handicap, marital status, sexual orientation, age or any other characteristic afforded protection by Federal or State laws. Reasonable access shall be provided to applicants with a disability.

Please contact the Brookings County Human Services office to schedule an appointment.

P. 605.696.8261
F. 605.696.8208

  1. Human Services

    Physical Address
    520 3rd St
    Suite 330
    Brookings, SD 57006

    Fax: 605-692-6960

    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.